9 March, 2015 16:31

Heeeeeeey oooooh! 🙂

How the heck has your week been? Just a heads up, this email is gonna be short… so that I can take time emailing each of you back more personal emails 🙂 Besides, short and sweet is better anyways!

1- Would you rather…. spit on people every time you talk OR put an "r" on all your words?
2- Hardest point in your life when gratitude helped you get through?
3- Fun gratitude games/ice breakers?

Kyra came to church on Sunday. The topic for gospel principles was "scripture study." We weren’t supposed to be teaching the lesson. Ha I ended up teaching it s. o. l. o. At the beginning of the lesson, I asked everyone in the class to share their favorite scripture. Kyra chose one from 2 Nephi 33. Super solid. She talked about how it was her favorite because God loves each of us and welcomes each of us into the church. It was the first Sunday that she has stayed all three hours. We hope to put her on-date this week.

Sister Bell and I got to party it up on Eagle Butte! We had an AWESOME exchange. 🙂 It was fun to be with my granddaughter… and I learned lots. We were able to teach their investigator Robby, who is getting baptized next week. We also taught a less-active.

We are planning a branch event for March 29th…..my final "Hurrah for Israel" before going home. It will be a church tour and showing of "Meet the Mormons." We are going to do a "movie in the park" theme. There will be glow-in-the-dark starts and lights lining the gym. Everyone will bring blankets to sit on. We will have an old-fashion popcorn machine and drinks. If anyone has great ideas to add, let me know! 🙂

District Conference and ZTM are this weekend. The Sisters will be having a 2-day sleepover on Friday and Saturday night. We are also helping with Special Olympics.

Food for Thought:
On the mission, I have come to learn something that I didn’t fully understand before. It’s a daily process though and I’m still improving week by week. This lesson was triggered in Aberdeen. All my life, I have been able to rely on my family. I’ve been able to turn to my best friends or family for advice. Whenenver I was in distress, I was able to vent to you. Google was readily available at the touch of a keyboard. Hours were spent gaining knowledge from college textbooks. I turned to other sources for knowledge–good sources–but other sources. At times, God works through these sources. We should never put anyone or anything before God though. He will direct us to these sources if and when necessary. From this scripture, I learned two things: 1- "Do I always put God first? OR do I turn to other sources for answers?"
2- "Similarly, do I guide others to God for answers? OR do I rely on my own knowledge to help them?" As a missionary, I don’t want anyone I teach to be converted to me, but to the gospel. Rather than giving them answers, I have found myself shifting to ask "Have ye inquired of the Lord?" Christ taught a man how to fish, rather than just providing them with the fish. Don’t shine so that others can see you, but through you others can see HIM. Each day, I am learning to ask myself first and foremost "Have ye inquired of the Lord?" and letting Him guide me to other sources if necessary. I know God answers prayers. I know He is the source of perfect, flawless truth. HAVE YE INQUIRED OF THE LORD?

I love you! Have a good week 🙂
Love, Sister CaityLady Miller

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