“Each Day is a Day for Decision and Decisions Determine Destiny’ -Elder R. Nelson

i. Almost five months ago, I sat in a roundabout—not a literal roundabout, but a figurative roundabout. It was the roundabout of deciding to serve a mission. I’d recently graduated college and had an interview for a dream job. I had grown super close with my family and didn’t want to leave them behind. I didn’t know what would happen with Brand. The “food for thought” today comes from the talk that was an answer to my prayer then and could perhaps be an answer to your prayer today. MOVE FORWARD WITH FAITH.

ii. Elder Brent H Nielson of the seventy said, “Instead of moving forward to their destination, they spend time going around and around, their progress stalled. Their biggest challenge seems to be fear—fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of not knowing who they are or what they can become. In the gospel of Jesus Christ, fear is the opposite of faith. If you have fear, faith diminishes, but if you have faith, fear diminishes.”

iii. I testify that decisions determine destiny; also, faith determines a glorious destiny. Are you stuck in a figurative roundabout? With God, nothing is impossible (Matthew 26). If we wait in our roundabouts, always wondering and worrying about whether we will make/are making the right decision—we will miss opportunities that are presented along the way. President Thomas S Monson said in the Christmas devotional, “Our opportunities to do good are limitless, but they are indeed perishable.” Are you going to miss out on that education, career, mission, friendship, learning experience and stay stuck in the roundabout? Eliminate fear. Get out of your roundabout. Make a decision. Move forward in faith.

iv. DECISIONS DETERMINE DESTINY. Your destiny can be glorious, of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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