The Greatest Chrismas Gift of All

Who is wondering what gifts to give for Christmas? The greatest gift to be given can be found in D&C 14: 7. Some of you are probably unsure how you can give someone that gift. Below is a list to help you get started!

1- Fast and Pray for the missionaries- sincerely
2- Fast and pray to assist the missionaires in finding people to teach
3- Pray for the missionaries’ current investigators by name
4- Ask the missionaries to use your home to teach one of their investigators
5- Go out once a month with the missionaries during the evening or day
6- Create a profile on and refer your friends to it
7- Give out cards to those who ask you questions about the chuch
8- When people ask you about your weekend, tell them you had a great time at Church or a Church activity
9- Invite neighbors and friends to attend Church meetings or activities
10- Visit those who are having a difficult life experience and share your faith and hope in the Savior
11- Role play in your priesthood, relief society, and/or Sunday School classes as to how you would invite a neighbor to learn more about the Church from the missionaries. -usually takes about 5-10 practices
12- Role play in your family home evenings making a casual invitation to a friend to attend a sacrament meeting, a social activity, a service project, or other church activity
13- Introduce yourself and sit by an investigator or newly baptized member
14- Invite a new member or investigator to dinner or lunch or FHE
15- Volunteer to help teach the new member lessons
16- Send out Christmas/Christ themed Christmas cards
17- Conduct/participate in an open house for the community and invite at least one neighbor
18- Offer to help somone from the community with their family history and take them to the meetinghouse famiily history center or to do so
19- Mention to others your values
20- Tell others how happy your Church/religion makes you and tell them that they can be happy also
21- Go visit new members in their homes
22- Encourage your children to invite their friends to seminary, firesides, youth activities, and other church events

"Hey I dunnnno aboooout YOU…. but I’m feeeeeeling TWEEENTTTYYY-TWOOOOO"…. Good ole’ T-Swift! But really, I hope that these 22 ideas got you thinking. The best Christmas’ are the ones that we focus on what we give, not what we receive. What will you give this Christmas? You are able to give the BEST gift of all this Christmas– Eternal Life. (D&C 14:7) Peace out til next Monday 🙂


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