You Cannot Convert Beyond Your Own Conversion

Christ was the perfect example of a missionary. He did not talk the talk. Christ walked the walk.

Do each of us live the missionary purpose as stated on pg 1 of PMG? There are great examples of missionaries found throughout the Book of Mormon. I have come up with questions that test my own conversion.

1. Am I filled with faith like Enos? (Enos 1:12)

2. Do I repent with a humble heart like Alma the younger? (Mosiah 27:24-28)

3. Am I keeping my baptismal covenants?

4. Do I yield to the Holy Ghost like Ammon? (Alma 18: 34-35)

5. Am I enduring to the end like Nephi and Lehi? (Helaman 5:22-26)

These great prophets truly understood their "missionary purpose." In the video "Character of Christ," Bednar states that "YOU CANNOT CONVERT BEYOND YOUR OWN CONVERSION." How can we expect investigators to keep commitments if we are not keeping commitments? Christ was the perfect missionary that walked the walk. I challenge each one of you to measure your conversion each and every day. It is then that we can BECOME the best member-missionaries. It doesn’t require a badge… but should be written on our hearts.


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